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If you lose several teeth, your new teeth should blend in with the original ones seamlessly. At The Implant & Denture Experts in Scottsdale, Arizona, Brian Arnett, DMD, offers dental partials that look natural and function almost as well as your original teeth. To find out if you could benefit from a customized set of dental partials, call the clinic or book your appointment online today.

Partial Dentures Q & A

What are dental partials?

Dental partials are removable dental appliances that replace several of your teeth but not the entire set. They look and feel natural in your mouth and are made of durable metal and acrylic.

If you’re missing one or more of your teeth because of an injury, infection, or loss due to age, you need to replace them to keep the alignment in your mouth.

Missing teeth can cause your jaw to shift out of place and your remaining teeth to drift. Over time, your physical appearance changes. With dental partials, you can enjoy a full smile and keep the natural shape of your face.

What do dental partials look like?

Dental partials look like one or more false teeth attached to a U-shaped metal appliance that aligns with your gums. The false teeth look very similar to your natural teeth, and Dr. Arnett makes sure to match their color so they don’t look out of place.

What are the benefits of dental partials?

Dental partials are typically your best option if you still have plenty of your natural teeth and want to keep them. They also come with many benefits. Dental partials are:

  • Strong and durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Noninvasive
  • Easy to get used to
  • Functional
  • Flexible
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Easy to adjust

If you’re missing too many teeth or an entire row, Dr. Arnett may recommend you explore full dentures instead.

Can I eat and sleep with my dental partials?

Dental partials take some time to get used to, but after a while, you can eat as you normally would with full functioning.

They’re designed to act like your normal teeth and tolerate force from biting down and chewing food. To train yourself, you need to start out eating soft foods and liquids only, but you may gradually work your way up to crunchier foods.

When you sleep, however, you need to take your dental partials out of your mouth. You’ll sleep more comfortably and they’ll stay cleaner. Keeping your dental partials clean keeps your gums and remaining teeth healthy, so you can avoid additional dental work and expensive repairs.

If you still have healthy teeth, you likely want to preserve them. For easy-to-clean dental partials, call The Implant & Denture Experts or book your appointment online today.