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Losing all or many of your teeth impacts your self-esteem and your ability to speak clearly. At The Implant & Denture Experts in Scottsdale, Arizona, Brian Arnett, DMD, offers overdentures that attach to permanent dental implants and replace many of your teeth at a time. To book your appointment and find out if overdentures are the best option for replacing your teeth, call the office or use the online scheduling tool today.

Overdenture Q & A

What are overdentures?

Overdentures are complete or partial sets of false teeth held in place with dental implants or sturdy, remaining teeth. They can replace several missing teeth at once or even an entire row.

At The Implant & Denture Experts, Dr. Arnett uses the AvaDent® system to create custom overdentures that look and feel natural in your mouth.

If you lose all your teeth, your jawbone slowly shrinks and changes shape over time. This makes it difficult to comfortably wear traditional, removable dentures without consistently replacing them as they stop fitting.

With overdentures, your jaw stays in its original shape and size so you don’t have to come back for constant fitting and replacement appointments.

What types of overdentures are available?

There are several types of overdentures available, depending on your needs. At The Implant & Denture Experts, you can get:

Implant-retained, gum-supported overdentures

For these overdentures, the device rests directly on top of your gums and is held in place with implants in your jawbone. This is the most basic option for overdentures.

Bar-retained, implant-supported overdentures

Like implant-retained, gum-supported overdentures, bar-retained dentures are held in your jaw with dental implants. The difference is that a metal bar connects the implants to support them and lays between your gums and the dentures.

Fixed, implant-supported overdentures

These overdentures use a bar for extra support and protection, but the bar is attached to the dentures rather than the implants. Only Dr. Arnett can remove these overdentures, but they’re as strong and durable as your natural teeth.

How should I care for my overdentures?

To prevent cavities and gum disease, you must take extra care of your overdentures. Be sure to follow these steps:

  • Visit The Implant & Dental Experts for regular cleanings
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day
  • Remove the overdentures at night (if Dr. Arnett instructs you to)
  • Clean the overdentures outside your mouth (if applicable)

Dr. Arnett gives you a full set of instructions for caring for your kind of overdentures. If they start to feel uncomfortable or like they don’t fit, call The Implant & Dental Experts for an appointment to get a new set.

If you’re missing all or most of your teeth, overdentures with implants are a sturdy option for a replacement that feels natural. To find out if you’re a candidate for overdentures, call The Implant & Denture Experts or book your appointment online today.