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With dental prosthetics, strength and durability are key. At The Implant & Denture Experts in Scottsdale, Arizona, Brian Arnett, DMD, uses Hader bars to securely hold your dentures in position with your implants and support weak bone structure. To find out if your mouth could benefit from overdentures with Hader bars, call the clinic to schedule a visit or book your appointment online today.

Hader Bar Q & A

What is a Hader bar?

Hader bars are titanium appliances that, in some cases, help stabilize and hold overdentures in place. They’re attached to implants in your jawbone or to your remaining teeth to securely hold your new false teeth in place and keep the structure of your gums and teeth.

What are the benefits of Hader bars?

Hader bars can enhance your experience with your overdentures. If the structures of your jaw and teeth are weak, Hader bars provide extra strength to keep your new teeth stable and in place. Hader bars:

  • Help keep implants in place
  • Are cost-effective
  • Allow you to have fewer implants and the procedures they require
  • Allow for faster healing and recovery time
  • Minimize your chances of needing a bone graft

Dr. Arnett can give you a full idea of the benefits you can enjoy with a Hader bar assisting your dentures.

Why do I need a Hader bar?

Hader bars and other similar bar appliances help hold the structure of your teeth and jaw. They’re metal and durable, so your natural teeth have little chance of drifting and you can use fewer implants.

If you lose several teeth or a whole row, Dr. Arnett may recommend a Hader bar to keep your dentures in place and strengthen your jaw.

Am I a candidate for a Hader bar?

Many dental patients who are missing multiple teeth are great candidates for Hader bar attachments. You may be one of them if:

  • You already have dentures
  • You find dentures inconvenient or uncomfortable
  • You’re missing several natural teeth
  • Your gums are healthy
  • You have enough bone to support dental implants
  • You’re in good health overall

Before you commit to getting a Hader bar, visit Dr. Arnett so he can evaluate the state of your oral health and discuss your dental history. If you’re approved, he examines your mouth to get you a Hader bar that fits comfortably to the size and shape of your gums.

Losing several teeth can take a toll on your self-esteem and compromise your oral health if you don’t replace them. Hader bars ensure your new and existing teeth stay in place and remain stable.

To find out if you need a Hader bar with your dentures, call The Implant & Denture Experts or book your appointment online today.