AvaDent Digital Dentures


Partials, implants and full dentures are covered with AvaDent technology!

AvaDent Digital Dentures are the new standard of care in denture therapy. Whether you are a new denture patient or have been wearing dentures for years, you will find that this product is on the leading edge and offers an exceptional computer-precise fit. Whether you need a complete upper and lower denture, a single arch denture, or a denture that is held in the mouth with implants, AvaDent has a solution for you. If you are getting dentures for the first time, AvaDent immediate dentures can make the transition easier and put a smile on your face.


1. Painful Dentures

If you have worn dentures before, you will know that most often, dentures do not offer a precise fit over your jaw bones and are loose. As a result, they can move when you chew and talk, and cause painful mouth sores. Many times, a denture adhesive is required to hold the dentures in place.

Since AvaDent Dentures are milled from a dense acrylic puck, they offer a precise fit, and are not loose like traditional dentures.

2. Immediate Dentures

If you are about to lose all your teeth, you may be a candidate for an immediate denture. Immediate dentures are placed in your mouth, the same day that your teeth are extracted, so that you don’t have to go without any teeth. Immediate dentures are temporary dentures, and as the jaw bones and gum tissue heal, the immediate dentures will become loose and will need to be relined in order to fit properly. After the gum tissue and jaw bones have completely healed, a final denture is made.

3. The AvaDent Digital Denture Process

Just as with any dental treatment, the first step in the process is for a consultation appointment and radiographs of your jaw bones. This helps the dentist determine if you are a good candidate for dentures, and also allows the dentist to make sure that the gum tissue and the jaw bones are healthy.

Once you are ready to start the process of having your dentures made, the next step is for the dentist to get molds of the jaws and gum tissue, and records of where the teeth should be. The dentist also works with you to determine the color and shape of the teeth that would be best suited for you. These records are then sent to a dental lab for scanning.

After the records are scanned, dental computer technicians design the dentures in the AvaDent patented software process. The design is sent to your dentist for approval and once approved, your denture can be fabricated. The final AvaDent denture is then delivered to you, along with your “Teeth Forever” card!

4. Teeth Forever

Every AvaDent Denture comes with a “Teeth Forever” card. Since your denture is designed in a computer and milled using advanced digital technology, we are able to keep a permanent digital record of your denture. So should you need another denture made, you simply call your dentist and another denture can be ordered. You then go to the dentist to pick up the new denture!


5. Benefits of an AvaDent Digital Denture

An AvaDent Digital Denture is milled from a puck of acrylic material. This puck is created under high heat and pressure, which allows for the material to become very dense, very stable and very durable. It is this patented process that allows us to create a denture offering many benefits.

  • Precise Fit of denture: This prevents movement of the denture during eating and talking.
  • Fewer Denture Sores: Since the denture has a much better fit and doesn’t move easily, those sores that can develop during movement of the denture are reduced.
  • Durable: The denture is much stronger and thereby resists breakage and since the denture material is so much more durable, the denture can be thinner and lighter, making it much more comfortable to wear.
  • Odor-free: The material is very dense and non-porous. What this means is that bacteria does not stick to the denture, which helps to prevent “denture breath”. Also, the denture does not easily become stained and discolored.

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