AvaDent Dental Implants


Partials, implants and full dentures are covered with AvaDent technology!

A dental implant is a device very similar to a screw that is specially designed to be surgically placed within bone as a means of anchoring an AvaDent Digital Denture to the jaw.

It is an ideal solution for patients who have significant bone loss or who want the added convenience and function of a stabilized prosthetic.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are small screws that are similar to the roots of teeth. They are placed into the jaw bones, and can be used to stabilize or support dentures. Depending on your specific situation and the amount of bone in your jaw, your dentist will recommend the number of implants that you need, and the type of denture for which you are a candidate.


Hader Bar

From U-dolder bars, Hader, ball abutments to locators or other super structures. AvaDent utilizes the superior strength from the AvaDent puck to produce different types of overdentures. AvaDent makes it possible to provide a patient with a new bar and denture in the second visit. Retread overdentures are also possible with AvaDent. The overdentures are available in bonded teeth or with the XCL-1 and XCL-2 fully milled technology options.


Overdenture with 2 implants

An overdenture is a denture that is stabilized by the use of dental implants. If your dentures are loose, your dentist may recommend the placement of 2 implants to help stabilize your dentures. In this situation, 2 implants are placed into your jaw bone, and small attachments on the implants are used to secure the denture in place. The denture is still removable, but the implants help to reduce the movement of the dentures and make them more comfortable to wear. The implants also help to prevent further shrinkage of the bone in the area they are placed.


Overdenture with multiple implants

An overdenture is a denture that is stabilized by the use of dental implants. If you have enough bone, you may be able to receive several implants to help stabilize your dentures. In this restoration, several implants are placed into your jaw bone, upon which small attachments are placed. These attachments hold the dentures in place and help stabilize them and prevent movement. Whenever a denture is stable, gum sores and tissue irritation are minimized, and chewing function is improved.


Denture Fixed on implants

You may be a candidate for a fixed implant-supported denture if you have enough bone and tissue after the extraction of your teeth. In this restoration, 4 or 5 implants are placed into the jaw bone. A denture is fabricated that is attached directly to the implants and screwed in place. This type of denture is fixed in place, and can only be removed by your dentist. This is an excellent restoration to replace the function and esthetics of your natural teeth, and for those that desire a fixed restoration rather than one that is removable.



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