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Get a smile that is virtually you… in as
few as two appointments!

Did you know that dentures don’t have to be painful? Have you ever wondered why you have so much
trouble with your dentures… poor fit, sore spots, endless trips to the dentist for adjustments? It’s because the process for making dentures hasn’t changed much in 100 years… until now.

AvaDent Digital Dentures are the world’s first and
only, two-appointment, computer-designed and precision-milled, digital denture. AvaDent™, whose name is derived from Ava meaning rebirth and Dent meaning dentition, allows dentists to offer their patients a
computer-precise fitting, aesthetic denture.

1. Reduced Appointments.

AvaDent can cut your time in the dentist chair by
more than half!

2. Exceptional Fit.

AvaDent takes your digital record and creates your
virtual denture right on the computer. Once the design is perfect, it is precision milled for extreme accuracy and fit.

3. Permanent Digital Record.

Only AvaDent Digital Dentures offer you the convenience and protection of a permanent digital record. Should you ever lose or damage your AvaDent, we can quickly create your new AvaDent using the digital
records on file.

4. Bio-hygienic Material.

Our patented process reduces the buildup of bacteria forming on your AvaDent helping to eliminate sore spots and “denture breath.”

Make your appointment today!

Call 480-275-6284.

You’ll soon be telling your friends how much your life has changed for the better.

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On: June 5, 2015 By: Eric

AvaDent Digital Dentures are the world’s first and only computer…

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