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Revolutionizing Dentures With Digital Precision


By: Becky Rolland

Senior Living March 2017: pg. 10-11.


Did you know that by the time Americans are 50 years old they have already lost an average of 12 teeth and by age 72, 26% have lost all their teeth? In fact, by the year 2020, 38 million people will need complete dentures, according to a National Health and Nutrition Examination survey.

Even though the origin of dentures dates back to 700 BC, there have been no significant improvements in denture technology since porcelain was first used in the 1800’s. That is, until now. By utilizing computers to design and fabricate removable dentures, a company called AvaDent is setting the standard for dentures in the 21st century. No longer like the uncomfortable and ill-fitting dentures that our parents or grandparents wore, digital dentures are the thinnest, lightest, most precision fit dentures available.

DrFinger Fig1 copyWith its exclusive digital Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), AvaDent, a company in Scottsdale, AZ, offers a revolutionary platform for the design and manufacture of dentures. We asked a local expert, Dr. Israel Finger, a prosthodontist specialist in the New Orleans area “what makes AvaDent better than traditional dentures”?

“AvaDent’s denture is milled from a patented, pre-shrunk, bacteria-resistant, polychromatic, puck,” he said. “Because the acrylic puck is created under high heat and pressure, the material is very dense, very stable and very durable, and the result is a far superior product.”

Unlike traditional dentures, AvaDent uses advanced technology to create a denture digitally. After Dr. Finger takes impressions and records in the dental office, these are digitally scanned at the Avadent facility. These scans are then uploaded, reviewed and approved. This information is used by a technician to design the digital denture on a computer. The design is sent via WIFI to a machine, and the final prosthesis is milled from the puck of resin.

So the result is that the entire denture, the pink “gum tissue” as well as the teeth are all milled as a single unit. “In a conventional denture, the teeth are individually placed into the denture,” Dr. Finger says. “The Avadent denture is a one-piece prosthesis.”


DrFinger Fig2 copyIn addition to being durable, there are many other benefits to the AvaDent patented process:

• More Natural Looking: Since digital dentures are not limited to pre-manufactured teeth, they can be individually shaped and milled to provide a much more natural and personalized appearance.

• More Comfort: AvaDent’s denture is thinner and lighter so it makes it much more comfortable to wear.

• AvaDent’s denture has a much better fit and doesn’t move as easily.

• Odor Free: The AvaDent’s acrylic material is very dense and non-porous, therefore bacteria does not stick to the denture. This prevents “denture breath” and deters staining and discoloration.

• More Convenient: Instead of multiple appointments, with AvaDent, you will have your new dentures with only 2 or 3 appointments.

• Permanent Digital Record: If your denture is damaged or lost, or if you’d like an extra set, a duplicate replacement is just a phone call away. The digital records and impressions are stored on a hard drive and are accessible to make an exact duplicate without having to repeat the impressions. At the time of initial delivery, the patient receives a registration card identifying the denture with a unique code.


DrFinger Fig3 copy“There are real psychological effects of having missing teeth or loose fitting dentures,” Dr. Finger said. “Some people feel unattractive and it affects their ability to smile, kiss, date or gain the confidence to apply for a job. As a prosthodontist, it has always been my goal to help my patients smile confidently again and go back to eating all the foods they enjoy. It is a wonderful thing to see my patients regain self-confidence and live a healthier life.”

“It is a wonderful thing to see my patients regain

self-confidence and live a healthier life.”

-Dr. Israel Finger

If you have ill-fitting dentures, are worried about how you look, or wonder if you will ever enjoy a good meal, visit Dr. Israel Finger at one of his two locations in the New Orleans area – MoreSMILES Dental in Covington or The Power of Smile in Metairie. In addition to offering AvaDent digital dentures, you can expect to receive 5-star service and be treated with the latest equipment and technology at both practices. Even if you don’t need full dentures, the same digital technology can be used at these offices to replace a single or multiple teeth.




Dr. Israel Finger specializes in removable prosthetics (dentures) and implant restorations. A native of South Africa, Dr. Finger received his Master’s Degree in Prosthodontics from Ohio State University. He continued his specialized training in Maxillofacial Prosthetics at Roswell Park Institute in New York, focusing on oral-facial defects and post cancer reconstruction. He was a professor at LSU Medical Center, where he served as the Director of the Graduate Program in Prosthodontics. He is an international speaker and has authored numerous journal articles as well as contributed to textbooks. He is currently in practice in the New Orleans area and limits his practice to Removable Prosthetics.