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I have had dentures for over 13 years and during this time I have had them replaced 3 to 4 times for various reasons. Each time was a complete process of impressions and multiple visits for fittings. The most recent replacement was with the AvaDent process. This process was very easy, precise and reduced the number of visits considerably. Of all the dentures I have had made, these are the first that do not require adhesive for the upper plate. The information from impressions as well as mouth and jaw structure was put into a computer driven process that created a much better fit than any of my previous experiences. I have been delighted with the more precise fit and convenience of the AvaDent process as well as the peace of mind, knowing that they can be replaced without going through the entire fitting process again.

Beverly J. Byler

My new dentures make my smile look wonderful again. It feels like my natural teeth. I need to get used to biting the proper way.

Adelle N. Smith

When I got my first dentures you had to come back 4 or 5 times so they could get everything adjusted. This procedure here–I was amazed at how quick it was!”


AvaDent takes the procedure and that whole thing and makes it SO easy. I LOVE them!


With the AvaDent, it was a lot quicker. With AvaDent, it was easier, and with AvaDent, I have much more of a natural feel. I LOVE them.