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AvaDent procedures work for any amount of tooth loss, no worries!

Partials, implants and full dentures are covered with AvaDent technology!

AvaDentâ„¢ Digital Dentures

AvaDent Digital Dentures are the new standard of care in denture therapy. Whether you are a new denture patient or have been wearing dentures for years, you will find that this product is on the leading edge and offers an exceptional computer-precise fit.

Whether you need a complete upper and lower denture, a single arch denture, or a denture that is held in the mouth with implants, AvaDent has a solution for you.

If you are getting dentures for the first time, AvaDent immediate dentures can make the transition easier and put a smile on your face.

AvaDentâ„¢ Dental Implants

A dental implant is a device very similar to a screw that is specially designed to be surgically placed within bone as a means of anchoring an AvaDent Digital Denture to the jaw.

It is an ideal solution for patients who have significant bone loss or who want the added convenience and function of a stabilized prosthetic.

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